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The Amityville Horror...Minds Open To Suggestion

The Amityville Horror...Minds Open To Suggestion

A little essay about the Amityville Horror case. Because there is so much turmoil, confusion and so many people screwing with the facts etc. that many people don't get a balanced story of the famous ordeal. Instead, we have closed minded dingle berries that likes to post up a one sided negative list of things about the incident without doing any real digging into the events of the story. I for one have dug into the story a while back and learned of some interesting things that I'm not so sure alot of others heard about. And I'm not being argumentative and saying YES this all really did happen. Because I'm not. But i think its unfair to post up a shit load of reasons to say it was a hoax and not do any real homework to find a balanced conclusion. Jay Anson's book was completely based on recorded interviews of the Lutz's. And even admitted it was a bit difficult to write from just those recorded contents. The book was majorly spiced up to make it more interesting. Everyone involved admitted most of the things in the book were either heavily exaggerated or added to make it interesting. And so many people wanted to get involved in this case. One was a Dr. Kaplan. George approached him first, yes. But George changed his mind and went with the Warrens instead. Many believe that Kaplan held a grudge and made it his goal to do all he could to prove that it was all a hoax. The Kaplan/Warren "war" is well documented. Also, when the Lutz's moved into the Amityville house, it is known the DeFeo's left some of their furniture behind and the Lutz's used it. But what alot of people didn't hear about was the fact that the Lutz's also kept the DeFeos children's beds and allowed the 2 boys to sleep in them! In my opinion, that was grossly sickening. Also, it wasn't known at the time or even later widely known that the Lutz's practiced Transcendental meditation! And yes, they did practice the meditation in the Amityville house. Now with a little research you will learn that Transcendental meditation can end up leaving you with serious psychological side effects. It can also seriously screw up your sense of reality. Here is a small quoted piece on Transcendental Meditation. "Yes, TMers really do believe that those men are lifting off of the ground under supernatural influence!! They don't get very far up, and they don't stay up for long, but TMers believe that what you are seeing really truly absolutely is "the first stage of levitation." The Lutz's took a polygraph test about the story and they passed it. That's not to say that their story was 100% all true. But if they were heavily influenced from using this Transcendental Meditation then they are most certainly going to believe what they experienced in the house was real whether it happened or not. And living in a house that several murders took place in that energy was left in the house and the Lutz's subjected to it. So of course their going to pick up on it. And another thing to support this theory was the fact that when they did flee from the house, they went to stay with Kathy's mother. The Lutz's reported they did indeed levitate on two different accounts at the mothers house. They said, it did not feel like it did in the Amityville house, that this felt different this time. Why? I believe it was the Transcendental Meditation. The meditation opened their minds to suggestion. In my opinion, i believe this to be the missing link in the case as to why so many people believe it was a hoax. On many levels it was a hoax. But to the Lutz's it wasn't, it was real for them. I do believe they experienced things in the house just based off of the meditation alone. There was a couple of strange events surrounding Jay Anson and the Amityville book. If you do some research on it, you will find out that Jay gave 2 copies of his Amityville manuscript away. One went to a friend of his. His friend drove into a giant ass pothole during a bad rain and wrecked the car. The funny thing of it is, the only thing that was found dry was supposedly the manuscript. The other friend of his he gave it to died that night in a fire at her home along with her 2 children. Creepy id say. As for the Priest being involved...there are conflicting stories surrounding the Priest and the church. But in a rare occasion the priest did appear on an old show that was called In Search of...and you might be able to look up the interview he did. He did say he was in the house and attempted to bless it etc. Its been a while since i have seen the interview. But I'm pretty sure he admitted to the blisters on his hands and hearing the "get out" voice. But i also heard down the road he retracted his story. So that is interesting. My belief on that was the church could have pressured him into denying it as it was bringing to much attention to the church and the church wanted no part in it. So who knows with that really. But anyway, that's some of the stuff i can remember from my digging in of the story a while back. There were some other interesting things as well that i wasn't aware of or heard about to. But id have to go back over all the shit again and right now i don't want to listen to all those recordings again. LOL So maybe ill do that sometime and post again. Anyway, hope this kinda balances things out a bit.

*This was revised a bit when i decided to include this in the blog*

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